restarts vs debugger command

73budden . budden73 at
Fri Jul 10 10:46:54 UTC 2015

I see you mean situation where we have systems

(defsystem "Bad2")
(defsystem "bAd2")
(defsystem :|baD2|)

In this case we can navigate to :|baD2| by name :bad2, and unable to
navigate to first two systems. Where should I err? According to
coerce-name rules, :|baD2|, :bad2 and "bad2" are identical system name
designators, so my code works correctly. I can also find "bad2" by

What goes to "Bad2" and "bAd2", slime-edit-definition IMO accepts
symbol names, not strings. So user will never be able to navigate to
them via M-. . The only reasonable thing to do IMO is to avoid
recording definition for systems named by strings. Right?

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