restarts vs debugger command

73budden . budden73 at
Thu Jul 9 19:07:02 UTC 2015

> Why would a file be loaded through the wrong system?
Sorry, I have no time to dig into techical details of that kind. I
believe *current-component* is rather innocent and sometimes useful,
but this is not so important. What I want, is that editing feature
would be available to all asdf users. However, I'm not sure I'm ready
to change something in my implementaion. Code I have just works in the
way which satisfies me. I see you catched the idea, so now you can
implement it yourself in a form which you think is better. In fact, it
requres about a dozen lines of code only together with customizible
editor hook.

>If this is a limitation in your debugger, by all means, convert to
>keyword, but then:
>1- do something magic (case inversion if it's reversible, or else
>error?) to convert from string to keyword.
>2- use coerce-name (or the reverse of your magic transformation) to o
>back to system name.
>What you must not do is silently do the wrong thing when the system
>name isn't equal to the string-downcase of your keywordification.
What do you think about
(keywordize (string-upcase (coerce-name name)))

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