[Asdf-devel] ASDF test failure on MKCL linux

Jean-Claude Beaudoin jean.claude.beaudoin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 01:30:37 UTC 2014

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 4:16 PM, Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info>

> This morning I pulled an update from the mkcl git repo, rebuilt on my
> Linux Mint machine, and retested with the latest ASDF.  All the tests
> that completed seemed to complete successfully, but test-program.script
> hung, instead of completing.
> ...
> The block of the test that fails is "test program-op", "test image-op"
> seems to complete successfully.
> This seems odd to me, since the result of the image test is a standalone
> program: it doesn't need to be loaded into mkcl:
> ...
> So seems like the program-op should be able to do exactly what the
> image-op does, and work correctly.
I just tried to have as clean a run at it as I can reasonably have it.
So, from a freshly created directory, I did:

git clone git://common-lisp.net/projects/mkcl/mkcl.git

then built it with: (cd mkcl; configure; cd src; make install-local)

then pointed environment variable MKCL to $(pwd)/mkcl/src/bin/mkcl.
Followed by:

git clone git://common-lisp.net/projects/asdf/asdf.git

cd asdf; make t l=mkcl

This resulted in:

Using /home/jean-claude/tmp/ASDF/mkcl/src/bin/mkcl
Ran 56 tests:
  55 passing and 1 failing
failing test(s):  test-undeferred-warnings.script

To view full results and failures, try the following command:
     less -p ABORTED build/results/mkcl-test.text
make: *** [test-lisp] Error 1
jean-claude at mars>

The last line just here above is my normal prompt, so no hang.
As you see I do not reproduce the problem you mentioned.

BTW, what happens in test-undeferred-warnings seems to be a syntax
issue but I am still unclear about it.



P.S.: all this above is on Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 with all latest Ubuntu patches.
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