[Asdf-devel] [asdf-devel] Backward incompatible improvements

Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Sun Mar 30 12:58:55 UTC 2014

30.03.2014, 05:29, "Daniel Herring" <dherring at tentpost.com>:
> On Sat, 29 Mar 2014, Anton Vodonosov wrote:
>>  29.03.2014, 02:39, "Daniel Herring" <dherring at tentpost.com>:
>>>  Would it be possible to have a special header in asdf files indicate that
>>>  the contained system(s) should be loaded using the new syntax mechanism?
>>>  [...]
>>>  ;; asdf:config '(asdf:+clean-readtable+)
>>  No, it's inconvenient, why use special parser if we can just directly specify
>>  what we want in a lisp expression.
> I haven't checked recently, but in the past ASDF files have had
> significant code even before the system definition.  It was common to
> find conditionals based on *features*, comments for users to select
> from a few customization options, numbers being read, etc.
> Once you have read the form, it is too late to modify the environment that
> is used to read it.

We discuss not the syntax for reading .asd file, but syntax for reading
.lisp files constituting the system. 

.asd files are always read inside of with-standard-io-syntax.

Best regards,
- Anton

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