[asdf-devel] Port of ASDF to MKCL

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 07:12:09 UTC 2014

0- OK, I managed to compile MKCL from git after updating its ASDF.
Then, I massaged program-op to do what I wanted,
which involves linking UIOP or ASDF — it's committed to branch build-op.

Problems I found:
1- you look for encodings in #p"SYS:ENCODINGS;" (upper case,
as per the standard), which is mapped to .../lib/mkcl-1.1.8/encodings/
(lower case, as customary on Unix, thus as per the standard).
However, the directory and its files have upper case names, and
are therefore not found. This breaks asdf-encodings and thus the
test-encodings.script test. Note: you need to download the latest
version of asdf-encodings for this test to work.

2- even assuming SYS:ENCODINGS; were found, it is not obvious at all
 what is the right way to detect the presence of an encoding.
 i.e. given the keyword :latin-2, what is the recommended way
 to detect if an encoding is supported and/or to list supported
 encodings? e.g. check (si::make-encoding :latin-2),
 or see that mk-ext::latin-2 in bound to a keyword?

3- if I uncomment the lines:
  ;;(unless (or #+ecl (use-ecl-byte-compiler-p))
  ;;  (setf *load-system-operation* 'load-bundle-op))
  I get an error in test-logical-pathname,
  with the .fasb apparently mapped to the wrong directory.

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