[asdf-devel] BUILD-OP

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 03:47:36 UTC 2014

Dear Robert,

I pushed my changes to your build-op branch. Easier than mailing patches.

>> Well, ASDF itself has long been described as a build system or build tool
>> (including in our ILC 2010 article), just like make, ant, etc.
>> See also Wikipedia pages for each of these.
>> What do these programs do? They build.
>> I don't love the word, but I don't know a better one.
> I get it, but now ASDF does more than one kind of build, including some
> things (with the bundle-op) that look a lot more like what 'make' does
> than what ASDF has done up to now.
Indeed. On the other hand, you just acknowledged that all these things
are a kind of "build".

> Up to now, there's been no real need to distinguish between "build" and
> "load", but now there are things that look like a conventional C program
> build, rather than like what DEFSYSTEM did before.
Hence my recommending making load-system not the main interface anymore,
but build. Loading is just the common case for CL systems.

> Let's not rush into this: as Attila has pointed out, whatever we choose,
> we'll have to live with for a long while.
There's no rush, but I'd really like it as part of ASDF 3.1.1,
and I'm really hoping for a release this month.

> Unfortunately, I think both DO and LOAD are non-starters because of the
> pain they would impose on anyone who wants to USE-PACKAGE ASDF.
Of course, I only suggested the former as a joke.
Although UIOP provides the :MIX option to DEFINE-PACKAGE
that nicely deals with all these conflicts.

> What about something bland like "start"?  Or we could get all Star Trek
> and use "make it so" ;-)
I think this is even more misleading than "build".
It feels like you are starting a program.
"make" could do it.

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