[asdf-devel] proposal to split ASDF in half

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Thu Mar 13 16:41:51 UTC 2014

Mark Evenson wrote:
> On Mar 13, 2014, at 15:42, Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info> wrote:
> […] 
>> I believe Faré and I discussed this issue in our first ASDF paper at
>> ILC.  For an even more radical proposal, see McDermott's earlier ILC
>> paper about his chunking mechanism, which allows programmers to specify
>> integrity constraints even for individual data structures.
> Suggestion: please put URI de-referencable bibliographic resources like this in the ASDF documentation.

Faré's ILC 2010 paper with me was already cited in the manual, with URL.  I have just added McDermott's paper, with link, to asdf.texinfo and pushed to cl.net.


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