[asdf-devel] Alternate default lisp system location

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 19:00:37 UTC 2014

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 2:25 PM, Zach Beane <xach at xach.com> wrote:
> Dave Cooper <david.cooper at genworks.com> writes:
>> On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Zach Beane <xach at xach.com> wrote:
>> I don't think I want to read loud announcements from ASDF. If it isn't
>>> acting like I want, I'd rather read about how to make it do what I want
>>> in a tutorial or manual.
>> Loud announcement only in the initial ASDF release when the new default
>> directory is first introduced. In subsequent ASDF releases the announcement
>> would go away.
> I don't think it's a suitable way to communicate with me, even if it
> only happens for a certain period of time.
I'm not sure what way of communicating you recommend, for changes in
default behavior of ASDF or recommended practice in using it.

Major changes like that happen less than once a year (ASDF 2 in 2010,
ASDF 3 in 2013, ASDF 3.1 soon in 2014), and while
backward-compatibility has always been a huge priority, improvements
sometimes do mean the recommended way of using ASDF changes, for the

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