[asdf-devel] Fixing asdf-sytem-connections

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Sun Mar 9 17:24:13 UTC 2014

One last thing occurred to me: as long as the conditionally loaded code is part of one system (e.g., the code for using the degree symbol is part of the units library), we can already do all that's needed using :if-feature.

The problem with A-S-C comes if the code is not part of any single system, but is added on to whichever is loaded last. That symmetry means that A-S-C must be a kind of forward chaining system, that is  hard to integrate into ASDF.

I don't know about the internals of the Symbolics build system; maybe they didn't have the plan-then-execute structure that's in ASDF.
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