[Asdf-devel] Need to do uiop:setup-temporary-directory in image built with uiop

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Tue Jun 17 18:51:52 UTC 2014

Dave Cooper wrote:
> I think my issue is that I am not using the UIOP image dump facility.
> This is because in Allegro CL we use thei built-in excl functions like
> excl:generate-application --- it's not a matter of a generic dumplisp.
> So I'm pretty sure the solution is to call the
> register-image-restore-hook myself as part of e.g. the post-load-form of
> e.g. excl:generate-application. Longer term, maybe I can look into
> extending the UIOP image dump mechanism itself, to be able to use the
> different mechanisms in Allegro in addition to the generic excl:dumplisp.

You might also want to contact the Franz folks and warn them that ASDF
may corrupt images that they dump, and have them fix their
application-building and image-dumping facilities to avoid these problems.

Maybe Franz should extend their copy of the ASDF library to infiltrate
the image-handling process when they bundle it into ACL.

I'd encourage you to do that, and CC me when you submit the bugreport to


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