[Asdf-devel] converting asdf build & test to Lisp

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 01:35:43 UTC 2014

> I had the same trouble for the original makefile, which I resolved by
> setting up this environment variable:
> export
> ASDF_DEVEL_SOURCE_REGISTRY="${HOME}/lisp/vendor/fare-utils:${HOME}/lisp/vendor/inferior-shell:${HOME}/lisp/vendor/fare-quasiquote:${HOME}/lisp/vendor/fare-mop:${HOME}/lisp/vendor/cl-ppcre:${HOME}/lisp/closer-mop:${HOME}/lisp/asdf//:${HOME}/lisp/vendor/named-readtables/:${HOME}/lisp/vendor/optima/:${HOME}/lisp/vendor/alexandria:"
Note that in the minimakefile branch, asdf/tools/load-asdf.lisp should
still heed this ASDF_DEVEL_SOURCE_REGISTRY variable.

Robert, can you test this branch again (and the syntax-control branch)
and tell me what needs be done (if anything) before they can be merged
in? I believe the minimakefile is now stable (I haven't made
significant changes in over a week) and has feature parity with the
master branch (and many new features made possible by rewriting from
shell to CL).

Actually, if anyone on this list has the ambition of writing "the"
test system for CL (presumably starting from one of the popular ones
and bringing it to a point where it surpasses all existing ones),
there are quite a few bits of code to steal from tools/asdf-tools.asd
and test/script-support.lisp that allow for the portable testing of
code on multiple implementations, driven from CL using run-program.

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