[Asdf-devel] Documentation questions about FIND-SYSTEM and LOCATE-SYSTEM

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 18:29:41 UTC 2014

>> Can you push? I don't see the change.
>> Also, can you make a new release to fix the embarrassing bootstrap bug?
> I may have to wait until I get a better connection.  It's very bad here.
>  Probably Monday.
No problem. Take your time.

> I was going to see if we could get the fix to 1335323 in there, as well.
I'm not convinced there is anything there to fix.

>> And can you merge the minimakefile branch? Or is there more work to do in it?
> All of my attention has been consumed by the syntax-control branch, and
> there is little enough of that (attention, I mean).
> One thing that would make this happen sooner rather than later would be
> a solution to the dependency tail issue.  With the old makefile, the
> standard development platform (ok, except on Windows) needed no
> additional dependencies (except for version-bumping).  All the tool
> support was either included or available on linux, Mac + Ports/brew,
> Windows + cygwin.  What's the easiest way for someone to configure an
> ASDF devel or test setup now?
Kambiz was suggesting a git tree with modules, which I believe is a
great idea. An alternative would be to have a script to download all
dependencies, like xcvb has, that itself could be generated by CL from
data files. Or to rely on either clbuild or quicklisp.

> Also, should we simply prune the makefile now? It doesn't add anything
> over your CL scripts, does it?
Well, it's already largely pruned. What it still does it concatenate
the lisp files into asdf.lisp when there isn't a valid previous
asdf.lisp to bootstrap from.

>> Finally, what is to be done on the syntax-control branch? Should/may I
>> add some shared-package feature to it?
> If I understand it correctly, the shared package seems like a modest
> extension of syntax-control. I don't see why that feature couldn't be added.
OK, I'll add it to the branch, at some point. I believe it's pointless
to have readtable protection but no package protection.

> I'm still trying to find time to figure out what's wrong with our guinea
> pig system, broken on syntax-control, unbroken on master.  Until I can
> understand what's going on here, I can't reasonably merge this branch,
> since I can't support it.
I'm at your service if you need help with that.

> The branches are on my to do list, but will only be merged when I'm
> confident in my own understanding of them.
Of course. Thanks!

> P.S. I believe that the documentation patch is there now.
I saw it, and pushed some further tweaks.
I also expanded tabs, which will make sbcl happier.

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