[asdf-devel] The issue at hand

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Fri Jan 24 16:23:59 UTC 2014

Well, this should teach me to think more than 2.4 seconds before
responding to emails.

I'm afraid my proposed CHANGE-CLASS solution won't work.  The problem is
that we would be required to change the parent classes of a new
and this is precisely what Pascal has explained cannot be done portably,
or at least not without a very big new body of compatibility code,
because of the non-standard nature of the MOP.

So you are suggesting that we modify the traversal code to check for
non-updated OPERATION classes, and then replicate a fixed version of the
old logic?

I'm willing to entertain this as a suggestion, but it seems to me very
likely to involve adding a large layer of cruft to ASDF.  The error
check involves only 10 lines.  It also has the virtue of forcing people
to fix their systems, instead of moving responsibility for their
continued correct functioning to the shoulders of the not-very-large
ASDF team.

Do you see a way around these issues?


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