How to create an ABCL-specific test for ASDF (was Re: [asdf-devel] Patch for UIOP/UTILITY:ENSURE-FUNCTION)

Faré fahree at
Thu Jan 30 22:08:59 UTC 2014

(Found this old mail in my draftbox. I see that ABCL on Mac is still
in need of some testing and debugging love:

>> Yes, a test that simply reads a file out of a jar file, and fails on
>> older versions of ASDF would be very nice to have.
> Oh, such an ABCL specific test is quite easy:  I guess I thought Faré was asking
> for something that ran on all implementations, which I didn’t quite understand.
I'd prefer a general test, but
one that runs just on ABCL would be a good start.

> But I must confess I dont really understand how to insert it into the ASDF test
> suite cleanly.
Best is to find an existing somewhat related test and extend it,
or else copy it, e.g. test-system-pathnames or test-module-pathnames.

> Should I be looking to add a foo.{script,lisp,asd} triple in the `asdf/test` directory
> with an assertion in foo.script?
I'd rather you don't use a new .asd,
but def-test-system in the .script instead,
unless your test is specifically about how .asd's are found.

> How do I conditionalize the test to only be run on ABCL?
#+abcl around the abcl-specific parts is one way.
If the test is entirely abcl, then as rpgoldman said,
#-abcl (leave-test "This test is only for ABCL" 0)

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