[asdf-devel] clisp, logical pathnames, and ASDF

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Feb 3 00:38:30 UTC 2014

I have been grappling with my inability to upgrade clisp, and find
myself confused by the following events in my transcript:

[17]> (uiop/pathname:ensure-pathname "home:lisp;asdf;")
[18]> (probe-file (merge-pathnames (uiop/pathname:ensure-pathname
"home:lisp;asdf;") "asdf.asd"))
[19]> (translate-logical-pathname "home:lisp;asdf;asdf.asd")
[20]> (probe-file (translate-logical-pathname "home:lisp;asdf;asdf.asd"))
[21]> (probe-file (merge-pathnames (translate-logical-pathname
"home:lisp;asdf;") "asdf.asd"))

Am I for some reasonnot to expect that the standard pathname functions
(e.g., merge-pathnames) will work with logical pathnames?

The online clisp manual page discussing LOGICAL PATHNAMES says only:

"No notes."


But as I understand the CLHS on MERGE-PATHNAMES, with reference to the
definition of "pathname designator", the above behavior seems to be

I am not at all experienced with clisp, and find myself on strange and
shaky ground here.


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