[Asdf-devel] Problem with testing on MKCL: more info

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Apr 21 20:46:42 UTC 2014

CALL-STACK overflow, stack size = 8712192..
upgrade FAILED for mkcl from REQUIRE using method
you can retry just that test with:
ASDF_UPGRADE_TEST_METHODS="'load-asdf-lisp'load-asdf-fasl" ./test/\
run-tests.sh -u mkcl
or more interactively (and maybe with rlwrap or in emacs), start with:
mkcl -norc
then copy/paste:
(load "test/script-support.lisp") (asdf-test::da) (test-upgrade
'load-asdf-lisp'load-asdf-fasl "REQUIRE")

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