patch for allegro8 (was: Re: [asdf-devel] Ready to release?)

Faré fahree at
Sat Oct 19 18:34:28 UTC 2013

>> Your attachment shows ccl failing on a test that I have disabled some time
>> ago,
>> and failure in test-force.
> No, it doesn't. The only failing test in there is the test-force one.
My apologies, I was looking at a same-named older log.

Weird, it works for me on Linux.

> But, it's very strange. I didn't change anything, started the tests again
> fresh, and all passing now (including running the alisp before alisp8 and
> mlisp before mlisp8, so that the latters are using the asdf.fasl's from the
> formers).
> Possibly something was in a weird state with my filesystem or clocks (clocks
> seem fine)? I ran this stuff in a completely fresh directory (not under
> Dropbox --- i've wised up about trying to put under Dropbox folders which
> have a lot of automatic creations/deletions going on - Dropbox has epileptic
> fits with those).   Anyway I'll create another completely fresh folder with
> a fresh git clone, and run them all one more time for good measure.
If I hadn't long ago added this asdf-cache with file dates being
modified in the cache rather than on the filesystem, I'd say a bug
with test-force might be a symptom of clock skew or something.

Now, it's possible that the test is failing to touch files in the
cache the same way that they are used in the test, because of all the
pathname normalizations that may happen, but that the discrepancy
somehow only shows up on Windows. Ahem. Maybe I could normalize this
cache by using the namestring or native-namestring as the key, instead
of the pathname object? Probably.

OK, done, please try again (sigh).

>> Oops, I should update the instructions on how to reproduce bugs at the
>> REPL,
>> by including a with-asdf-cache in them. I have no time to do that now,
>> but maybe you do.
> Ok, I'll look at it.
Thanks. I pushed that together with other modifications.

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