Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Mon Oct 14 15:57:16 UTC 2013

Faré wrote:
> Robert: can I commit this asdf-package-system branch now, before the
> 3.0.3 release? It's only additive features, modulo a rename of file
> asdf/defsystem to asdf/parse-defsystem (with a nickname for the old
> package name) and system asdf/header to asdf/prelude. Maintaining that
> topic branch is slightly costly, I've been using it for a week and
> removed a lot of kinks and relative inefficiencies. The new features
> are the support for the package-system "one package per file" style of
> quick-build, and some useful :use-reexport and :mix-reexport options
> of uiop:define-package. I believe it's not affecting anything
> negatively and is robust, and I'd really like to be able to encourage
> people to "just use it" without waiting for a few more months until
> the next release. [I'm using it for lisp-interface-library, but it's
> more awkward if people have to use the asdf extension
> asdf-package-system.]

I would sort of prefer not to, because I would like people to require
ASDF 3.1 when using asdf package systems.

I don't like instituting new API features without a reliable way to
detect whether or not your version of ASDF supports them.  If I let this
slip out in ASDF 3.0, then if people start using the feature in the
wild, they CANNOT conditionalize it on ASDF version being greater than
3.1.  Hence my preference to keep it out of 3.0.3.

However, I sympathize with your desire to kill the topic branch.  So how
about this:

I will run the tests again today on head, on Mac and Linux.  If the
tests all pass for me, I will release 3.0.3, and we will move to 3.1.0.

I was holding off, hoping for a judgment about 3.0.3 compatibility with
Quicklisp, but don't want to continue to push the branch maintenance
cost onto you.


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