[asdf-devel] Recompiling SBCL contribs

Zach Beane xach at xach.com
Thu Oct 31 21:32:09 UTC 2013

Faré <fahree at gmail.com> writes:

> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 2:43 PM, Zach Beane <xach at xach.com> wrote:
>> I've saved an executable SBCL image that includes asdf and calls
>> load-system. If the system it's loading depends-on sbcl contribs,
>> e.g. sb-bsd-sockets, it is recompiling the contrib sources.
>> What causes contribs to get recompiled? Is there an easy way to inhibit
>> it?
> Which versions of SBCL and ASDF are you using?
> Are you using some ASDF options such as enabling deferred-warnings?

I am using SBCL, and ASDF 3.0.3. I am initializing output
translations with something like:

     (t "/path/to/fasls/") 

> There are bugs in some old versions of SBCL and/or ASDF that can cause
> this behavior. At the other extreme, the latestest SBCL doesn't rely
> on ASDF for contribs at runtime anymore, and this bug becomes
> impossible.
> Are you deploying on the same system?



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