How to create an ABCL-specific test for ASDF (was Re: [asdf-devel] Patch for UIOP/UTILITY:ENSURE-FUNCTION)

Mark Evenson evenson at
Mon Nov 4 15:56:27 UTC 2013

On Nov 4, 2013, at 15:46, Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman at> wrote:

> Faré wrote:
>> If you can provide a simple test case to include in the test suite,
>> that'd be great. I'm feeling too lazy and not concerned enough to
>> write one. [My, didn't I resign as a maintainer?]
> Yes, a test that simply reads a file out of a jar file, and fails on
> older versions of ASDF would be very nice to have.

Oh, such an ABCL specific test is quite easy:  I guess I thought Faré was asking
for something that ran on all implementations, which I didn’t quite understand.

But I must confess I dont really understand how to insert it into the ASDF test
suite cleanly.

Should I be looking to add a foo.{script,lisp,asd} triple in the `asdf/test` directory
with an assertion in foo.script?

How do I conditionalize the test to only be run on ABCL?

> Is there any chance this is related to my issues with the bundle test?

Noted:  I’ll take a look, eventually.  The hairy backquote/read time conditional macro
problem that Faré found is currently really stumping me, but I intend to
eventually get around to all the ABCL specific problems that the release/test
cycle of asdf-3.0.3 revealed. 

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