[asdf-devel] printing the symbol asdf:defsystem for .asd file

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 16:46:41 UTC 2013

> I think the confusion started at a time when we were, for some reason,
> manually loading .asd files ourselves by calling (load ...),  which
> according to my understanding is not and has never been an intended use of
> .asd files -- they are strictly to be considered as data files for use with
> supported ASDF (and Quicklisp) operators which expect to find .asd files.
> Although normal CL expressions are also allowed inside .asd files, the .asd
> files are never intended to be loaded with (load ...) by the user.
Yes. I recently modified SLIME to do the right thing
when you C-c C-k a .asd file, i.e. (asdf:load-asd pathname)

Note that load-asd is an ASDF3-ism.
Later ASDF2 versions only have a slightly less practical load-sysdef,
and ASDF1 doesn't expose any separate abstraction for that.

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