[asdf-devel] printing the symbol asdf:defsystem for .asd file

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 13:32:04 UTC 2013

>>: Dave Cooper
>> I have a little utility which emits the .asd files for me, with a form like:
>>   `(asdf:defsystem ,(something-to-make-my-system-name) :description "blah"
>> … )
If you print that form while *package* is bound to something that uses ASDF,
(such as ASDF-USER, on 2.31), then it will omit the prefix.

>> Or should I put some (in-package ...) statement at the top of the .asd
>> file, and use plain defsystem with no package prefix?
>: stassats
> You don't need to have prefixes already, when .asd is loaded ASDF
> creates a temporary package, which uses ASDF package.
In ASDF1 and ASDF2, indeed, .asd files are read from
a temporary package ASDF~D that uses ASDF.
In ASDF3, we're using a permanent package ASDF-USER instead,
and usual hygiene rules apply.

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