[asdf-devel] printing the symbol asdf:defsystem for .asd file

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Sun Mar 3 05:12:54 UTC 2013

So I am using ASDF 2.31 which puts the symbol "defsystem" into
asdf/defsystem package instead of plain asdf package (Franz already
includes ASDF 2.31 in their patches for Allegro CL).

I have a little utility which emits the .asd files for me, with a form like:

  `(asdf:defsystem ,(something-to-make-my-system-name) :description "blah"
… )

and now the asdf:defsystem symbol is coming out as asdf/defsystem:defsystem

which makes the .asd file non backwards-compatible with slightly older asdf

because (symbol-package 'asdf:defsystem) --> #<The asdf/defsystem package>

So the Question is, what is the best way to get asdf:defsystem to print as

when its home package is :asdf/defsystem and apparently it is now just
re-exported from :asdf.

Or should this symbol now be officially printed as asdf/defsystem:defsystem

Or should I put some (in-package ...) statement at the top of the .asd
file, and use plain defsystem with no package prefix?

Of course I think for the time being the .asd file should be compatible
with all ASDF versions from recent history...

My Best,

Dave Cooper, Genworks Support
david.cooper at genworks.com, dave.genworks.com(skype)
USA: 248-327-3253(o), 1-248-330-2979(mobile)
UK: 0191 645 1699
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