[asdf-devel] Test results on Mac OSX

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 05:16:47 UTC 2013

>> Maybe the test script runner should just export SHELL=/bin/sh ?
> That sounds right for the short term.
> I don't claim to have fully grokked ASDF:RUN-PROGRAM yet.  Would it be
> reasonable to modify it so that when :force-shell is T (a) it prefers
> /bin/sh to alternatives, or CMD.EXE on windows? and (b) it allows the
> user to override and request her shell to be used?
I thought it already did that by using the system() libc call,
the manpage which, on Linux at least, promises to use /bin/sh, not $SHELL.
But looking at ecl/src/lsp/process.lsp I see it uses $SHELL.
Probably a mistake. It makes the function mostly unusable to the programmer.
Whereas if sh were guaranteed, it would be trivial to execute $SHELL
in the rare cases that it is desired (who needs a shell escape
when you have a REPL?)

Also, the manual page for run-program doesn't explain the return values.
And has at least one typo "vaule" for value:

> Sorry -- "make it work" just meant "make it so that I could determine
> which test failed," not "make the encoding behave correctly."
Uh, doesn't this test print the test name just before, in the logs?
As to making it work -- this smells like an ABCL bug.
Any ABCL hacker listening?

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