[asdf-devel] asdf 2.30.2, (upgrage?) problem on ECL

Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Fri Feb 22 00:10:32 UTC 2013

fals caches were cleared with 
  rm -r .cache/common-lisp/
  rm -r quicklisp-patched2/cache/

22.02.2013, 04:05, "Faré" <fahree at gmail.com>:
> This looks like a problem of your loading FASLs built using ASDF3 on
> top of ASDF2.
> Whichever way you had ASDF3 loaded before you got those FASLs, you should use
> to load ASDF3 after you got them... or you should clear your FASL cache.

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