[asdf-devel] Fwd: possible to include a few "model" systems?

Dan Lentz danlentz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 01:26:06 UTC 2013

Apologies I mistakenly sent this to sbcl-Devel  rather than asdf-Devel list
thanks to my pudgy fingers and iPhone...

The changes to upcoming asdf sound amazing.  I know there has been a huge
investment in Devel/debugging etc, and full documentation is not a
reasonable expectation at this point, but I wonder if it might be possible
to include a few model systems which demonstrate what will be considered
basic best practice with the new ASDF and exemplifying recommended usage of
 some of these new and replacement features/practices.

Basically I'm just hoping to avoid any future situation where I build
systems and layered functionality  in a manner which seems reasonable but
may contradict the popular opinion of what constitutes good system design.
 For example, in the past I used asdf component properties quite a bit as
my local transient annotation slot for working on systems dynamically at

 If there are a few examples demonstrating proper use of the new
functionalities (perhaps referencing the prior usage it supersedes when
appropriate) It would probably be even more helpful to facilitate migration
to exploit the new ASDF capabilities than formal reference style
documentation... From such examples it will then be a simple matter to
focus in for study of the relevant portions of the new asdf source code.

Thanks to all the asdf volunteers for all of the work done to improve this
important facility which in turn seems likely to substantially improve the
whole common-lisp ecosystem as a viable, modern choice for development
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