[asdf-devel] component-property

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Sat Feb 2 01:54:16 UTC 2013

FWIW, here's the list of properties in LibCL before it died.  An 
incomplete readme is attached.  A few fields were specific to LIBCL (most 
belong in ASDF properties); I was bootstrapping this on the side out of 
necessity.  Hasn't a similar effort been started in Quicklisp?

(:name ""
  :website ""
  ;:license :bsl
  :short-desc ""
  :maintainer ()
  :docpath ""
  :tags ()
  :todo nil
  :provides ()
  :load-unless nil
  :version ""
  :date ""
  :source ())

Here's an example of what I wrote for Hunchentoot.

(:name "Hunchentoot"
  :website "http://weitz.de/hunchentoot/"
  :license :bsd
  :short-desc "web server"
  :maintainer ("http://common-lisp.net/mailman/listinfo/tbnl-devel"
  :docpath ""
  :tags (:web)
  :todo nil
  :provides ()
  :load-unless nil
  :version ""
  :date "2010-08-29"
  :source (:svn "svn://bknr.net/svn/trunk/thirdparty/hunchentoot" 4603))

- Daniel
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*** :maintainer (...)

A list of "name <place>" (where place is an email or irc or forum url or whatever)
Contact info for maintenance issues.

*** :docpath relative-path

*** :tags (...)

Each package may also be marked by a list of tag keywords.  Users can specify these when selecting what to install.  Here are the initial tags.

:core - a "core" LibCL package
:doc - a documentation tool
:graphics - image loading, saving, and manipulation
:util - simple utility functions (i.e. general-purpose tools)
:ffi - this package relies on ffi (non-lisp) bindings
:reader - tools for modifying the lisp reader
:test - testing frameworks

*** :todo notes

Things that should probably happen before the release.

*** :version "version"

Indicate the version number if this was a tagged release.
Sometimes a simple bugfix appears after a tagged release.
Need a suffix to mark when these minor changes are being used.

*** :date "YYY-MM-DD"

Indicate the date of the release or snapshot.

*** :source (...)

The darcs hash may rely on darcs2.  It can be obtained by a variant of the following incantation.
# darcs changes --last 1 --xml-output | grep hash= | sed -e "s/.*hash='\(.*\)'.*/\1/"

Many of Edi's libraries can be found by running
# svn propget -R svn:externals svn://bknr.net/svn/ediware

Known source types
(:cvs url module revision-specifier) ; cvs revs are often specified as "-D 2010-12-34" to get all the commits on 2010-12-33...
(:darcs url hash)
(:git url sha1-hash)
(:svn url revision)
(:wget url filename) ; so #mv filename $canonicalname # or need more?

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