[asdf-devel] Will you please test the latest ASDF with CMUCL

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Wed Aug 7 02:54:49 UTC 2013

On Mac OS X for me, it fails upgrade from 2.32 to the latest (
using method require.

Faré's testing instructions are:

/usr/local/bin/cmucl -noinit
then copy/paste:
(load"test/script-support.lisp") (asdf-test::da) (test-upgrade
'load-asdf-lisp'load-asdf-lisp-clean "REQUIRE")

I get an error as follows:

Error in function KERNEL:CLASS-TYPEP:
   Class is currently invalid: #<KERNEL::STANDARD-CLASS ASDF/SYSTEM:SYSTEM

Please let me know any findings.  I'd like to get this fixed (or
disconfirmed) before we release 3.0.3.


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