[asdf-devel] source file encoding

Orivej Desh orivej at gmx.fr
Wed Mar 21 22:00:46 UTC 2012

Here is a test case for SBCL and CLISP.  (CLISP part needs my last patch
applied.)  This ASDF system is supposed to compile and load without
warnings or errors.

   That patch makes CLISP behave like this when a charset cannot be found:

     Error while trying to load definition for system external-format-test
     from pathname /tmp/external-format-test/external-format-test.asd:

If I replace #'intern with #'find-symbol in it the message is:

     OPEN: Illegal :EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument :SHIFT_JIS

with a useful restart USE-VALUE.  I think the latter is somewhat better,
hence updated patch.

   I'd also like to express concern that this change has to be properly
announced because it will affect those who use ASDF for their local
projects with non UTF-8 compliant encoding and previously assumed that
other ASDF systems fit into ASCII.
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