[asdf-devel] asdf 2.23, and contribs

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 16:12:30 UTC 2012

Dear fellow lispers,

I'd like to release asdf 2.23 around July 14 or so.
Can you review the changes so far and test it for stability?

Changes since 2.22:
* exported more pathname-related utilities from the package asdf
* tweak compile-file* to accept a :compile-check argument, and
 the :around-compile protocol to allow passing flags to compile-file*
 This allows for a race-condition-free way of imposing strictures
 on files that are being compiled, and is used by asdf-finalizers.

Speaking of which, some time ago, I started to collect asdf extensions,
and I just added a listing of them on the asdf webpage.
Please suggest more extensions that I may list on the page.
Currently listed are:

* asdf-contrib, an umbrella that just depends-on other extensions.
* asdf-encodings (depends on asdf 2.21), to compile Lisp source files with
 character encodings other than UTF-8.
* asdf-bundle, to bundle one or more systems into a single FASL file,
 for easier delivery (only on SBCL, CCL and hopefully still ECL, for now).
* asdf-condition-control (distributed as part of XCVB), to control
 which conditions to warn about or to muffle during compilation.
* asdf-finalizers, to allow macros, reader-macros or types to include code
 to be evaluated at the toplevel, at the end of a file being compiled.
 (I personally think it's very cool.)
* asdf-dependency-grovel, to compute the actual dependencies
 in a big ASDF system (not included by asdf-contrib).
* poiu, to compile a system in parallel (not included by asdf-contrib).

I suppose I should list CFFI and IOlib (and possibly SB-GROVEL?),
maybe cl-protobufs, xcvb-bridge and more, for notably possessing
non-trivial ASDF extensions. Or should I? What other systems should I list?

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