[asdf-devel] ASDF 2.013 released

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 20:11:13 UTC 2011

Hum. It so happened that 2.013 had various defects.

Since then, with 2.013.3, I have fixed these issues:

- It couldn't upgrade from 2.000 to 2.008, due to bug (introduced in
2.012.8) that prevented some package-wrangling. Fixed. DONE: added
simple test for upgrades from egregious previous versions (please send
me problematic versions)
- It had a forward reference that cause sbcl to emit noise. Fixed.
DONE: added a test for sbcl being non-noisy.
- added better support for URL pathnames on SCL. TODO: add test.

The result is that while 2.013 is OK as a precompiled object provided
by an implementation via (require :asdf) (except for SCL, which
doesn't do it anyway), people using ASDF as upgraded software layered
on top of an implementation that might already have loaded an earlier
version of asdf will be in trouble, and will have to use 2.013.3 or
later instead.

Thus, asdf 2.013 is probably a bad version for use with quicklisp or cl-launch.

Is it worth a 2.014 release? Probably not right now now, but possibly
after a week or so for more feedback and patches.

Sorry for not getting it right the first time around.

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