[asdf-devel] 2.013 later this week

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 22:41:14 UTC 2011

On 18 March 2011 19:44, Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus at random-state.net> wrote:
> On 18 March 2011 16:58, Sam Steingold <sds at gnu.org> wrote:
>>> 1. In all ones over ~70 characters long. Exact point doesn't seem that
>>> important, but less than 80 at any rate.
>> I think this is wrong.
>> I think the underlying CL implementation should take care of the proper
>> error message formatting, splitting the lines depending on the window
> I agree -- but ~@< directives which did that got removed for Genera
> compatibility.
OK, should be all fixed in 2.012.11, through a ugly-named compatibility
function errfmt. Note that I don't distinguish between ~@:> and ~:> as
before 2.012.8 -- does that matter much? Please git show 2.012.8 -- asdf.lisp
to tell me if that matters, in which case I'll have to be more subtle.

Other minor issues fixed as well.

Unless there are further requests or bugs found, I intend to release
2.012.11 as 2.013 this weekend, then ask all vendors to upgrade.
Please test and review with your favorite implementation.

PS: thanks a lot for all the feedback.

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