[asdf-devel] 2.013 later this week

Zach Beane xach at xach.com
Thu Mar 17 13:44:28 UTC 2011

Zach Beane <xach at xach.com> writes:

> Faré <fahree at gmail.com> writes:
>> Please give me the values of these after a
>> (initialize-source-registry) and a (initialize-output-translations).
>> And also give me (truename (getenv "SBCL_HOME")) and (truenamize
>> (getenv "SBCL_HOME"))
> *source-registry* is:

Sorry, the previous email was for 2.012.8. The *source-registry* and
SBCL_HOME values are the same, but the *output-translations* differ.

> *output-translations* is:
>     (((#P"/home/xach/.cache/common-lisp/sbcl-1.0.46-linux-amd64/**/*.*" T)
>       (#P"/usr/local/lib/sbcl/**/*.*" T)
>       (#P"/usr/local/lib/sbcl/**/*.*" #P"/usr/local/lib/sbcl/**/*.*")
>       (T #P"/home/xach/.cache/common-lisp/sbcl-1.0.46-linux-amd64/**/*.*")))

In 2.012.9 the *output-translations* are:

    (((#P"/home/xach/.cache/common-lisp/sbcl-1.0.46-linux-amd64/**/*.*" T)
      (#P"/usr/local/lib/sbcl/*.*" T)
      (#P"/usr/local/lib/sbcl/" #P"/usr/local/lib/sbcl/")
      (T #P"/home/xach/.cache/common-lisp/sbcl-1.0.46-linux-amd64/**/*.*")))


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