[asdf-devel] clear-output-translations and saved cores

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 14:34:19 UTC 2011

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info> writes:

    Robert> On 6/10/11 Jun 10 -8:55 AM, Raymond Toy wrote:
    >> Xach brought this to my attention wrt to maxima, but it's not really
    >> about maxima and asdf2.  My question is if clear-output-translations
    >> should always be called before saving a core.  Is there a case where
    >> you would not want to run c-o-t before saving a core?
    >> If c-o-t should always be run, wouldn't it make sense for asdf2 to
    >> arrange for that?  I'm not familar with how other lisps do this, but
    >> cmucl does have *before-save-initializations* which is a list of
    >> functions that are run before a core is saved.  Perhaps asdf2 should
    >> push #'c-o-t onto *before-save-initializations*?

    Robert> I confess to not fully understanding the ramifications here.

    Robert> 1.  What would it mean for ASDF2 to arrange for the clearing of output
    Robert> translations when saving a core?  Is there some way to achieve that
    Robert> without ASDF2 having to incorporate code that would infiltrate every
    Robert> lisp implementation's core-dumping process?  Wouldn't it be better for
    Robert> the lisp implementations themselves to handle that?

That is a problem.  I can certainly make that happen for cmucl, but it
seems that asdf should be the one to do it.  Except that also makes
asdf support for implementation-specific core-dumping code.  Not nice.

    Robert> 2.  On the flip side, are we guaranteed that every lisp implementation's
    Robert> core-resuming facilities would cause the output translations to be
    Robert> reinitialized appropriately?

Don't know about that.  Cmucl has *after-save-initializations* which
is a list of functions to be run when the core is restarted.


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