[asdf-devel] New ASDF 2.010

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 14:27:56 UTC 2010

I just release ASDF 2.010 (same as 2.146), and I'd like all CL
implementation vendors to test it and include it on their platforms so
one could universally (require :asdf).

As compared to 2.009:
* much faster and more ported recursive groveling through directories
looking for .asd's (notably fixes issues with ABCL)
* portability tweaks for CCL, SCL, CLISP
* eagerly error out when trying to use : in portable relative pathname
designator strings
* have compile-file* heed :output-file keyword
* be backward-compatible with client fasl's using ASDF symbols from
the obsolete ASDF-UTILITIES package that existed in ASDF2 up till
* for those who care about internals, in a comment, explanation of
do-first vs in-order-to

Actively supported and tested by me (on Linux amd64): ccl clisp sbcl
ecl allegro abcl scl
Supported but untested by me: lispworks (lacking a license),
allegromodern, cmucl, any of the previous on windows
Known to have many issues: gcl (still largely broken in 2.010, and
still doesn't pass all tests in 2.147.)
Never replied to my contact attempts: corman

These implementations include asdf2 in their release and you can
(require :asdf): ccl sbcl ecl abcl scl cmucl
These don't yet, but probably should: allegro lispworks clisp gcl

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