[asdf-devel] Feature-conditional components

Nikodemus Siivola nikodemus at random-state.net
Fri Oct 22 17:02:50 UTC 2010

On 22 October 2010 16:23, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info> wrote:

> Do we need to support /disjunction/ as well?  E.g.,
> :depends-on ((OR (FEATURE :SBCL :SB-THREAD)
> or even implication?  Let's assume, for example, that allegro has
> threading always, but SBCL not so:

I think arbitrary feature expressions composed of :OR, :AND, and :NOT
-- "just like in the reader" are what I'm after.

My initial example should have used ((FEATURE (:AND :SBCL
:SB-THREAD))), I guess.

> since this is really a pretty substantial change to the API, and
> programmers need to be able to detect whether the ASDF is able to
> handle it.

No big opinions on this.


 -- Nikodemus

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