[asdf-devel] Error writing some output translation

Mitch Berkson mitch at bermita.com
Mon Oct 18 02:17:41 UTC 2010

I am encountering the error below when trying to load-system from 
directory d:/foo/:

Error: Failed to MAKE-DIRECTORY file C:\Documents and 
Data\common-lisp\cache\lispworks-6.0.1-windows-x86\d\foo\d:\: The 
filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.(123).

I am able to load-system systems I have downloaded (e.g., lw-add-ons, 
cl-pdf) which are in a different directory (d:/lisp/). I have fooled 
around with a .conf file in the 
d:/foo/.config/common-lisp/asdf-output-translations.conf.d/ directory 
but that hasn't helped.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Mitch Berkson

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