[asdf-devel] ccl:rebuild-ccl and asdf

R. Matthew Emerson rme at clozure.com
Mon Nov 8 16:19:11 UTC 2010

We've gotten a couple of bug reports from users who are having trouble doing (ccl:rebuild-ccl :clean t) when (require 'asdf) is in their init files.


While it's undoubtedly best to start up without an init file when you're planning to rebuild the lisp (by using "ccl -n"), I'm wondering if there would be some way to avoid this particular issue involving ASDF.

During the process of rebuilding ccl, we compile (but do not load) ccl:tools;asdf.lisp.  Perhaps we could simply stop compiling ASDF as part of ccl:rebuild-ccl.  That way, the compile-time side effects that seem to be causing the trouble would be avoided.

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