[asdf-devel] 1.721

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue May 11 21:50:59 UTC 2010

I made an incompatible change in 1.721: before that, it was a
*convention* that configuration files in configuration directories
:include'd by the source-registry or the output-translations
configuration should have :type "conf". This interacted poorly with
backup files stored in same directory by default by various editors.
There was also the confusing issue that "*.*" would match anything on
some implementations (e.g. SBCL) but only files with a . in their name
in others (e.g. CLISP). So I made the convention something enforced
and this should change the problem, at the cost of backwards
incompatibility with whoever started using that feature while defying
the convention.

Otherwise, I've made a few changes based on feedback from various
people, whom I thank.

I also strongly disrecommend releases 1.714 to 1.718 that have a bug
in an incomplete cleanup that prevent them from loading some systems
that use symbols to name components, such as fiveam and many more. My
apologies for the change. The same cleanup seems to have broken
ASDF-INSTALL (one line change needed, oops), and anyone who previously
defined methods on the internal function find-component (in
retrospect, I should have changed the name of the function.)

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