[asdf-devel] Is this a bug? or my error?

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 19:11:28 UTC 2010

>> The contents of laturk-unique.asd:
>> (in-package :asdf)
>> (defsystem "laturk-unique"
>>   :version "0.1.0"
>>   :name "laturk-unique"
>>   :author "Louis A. Turk"
>>   :description "Converts utf-8 text file to list of sorted unique
>> words."
>>   :components ((:file "packages")
>>                (:file "iterate" :depends-on ("packages"))
>>                (:file "collate" :depends-on ("iterate"))
>>                (:file "laturk-unique" :depends-on ("collate"))))
> A couple of random suggestions:
> 1.  Don't put this into the :asdf package.  If you want to, create your
> own package, using ASDF and COMMON-LISP, and put the definition in there
> (there's some debate about whether this is strictly necessary, but
> that's a subtlety we don't need to go into now).
I beg to disagree. If you're not going to define new bindings,
and particularly if you're not even going to intern new symbols,
there's nothing wrong with being in package ASDF.

> 2.  Don't rely on transitive closure for dependencies.  E.g., probably
> collate depends on packages as well as iterate and similarly for
> laturk-unique.
Here too I beg to disagree. Unless and until there is a tool for which
this makes a difference, the only criterion for choosing what dependencies
to explicitly include is what makes for a more maintainable result,
at which point the author knows best.

> There's nothing obviously wrong with the above, though.  Question:  can
> you give us more information about what happens when you do
> (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :laturk-unique)
> (or, if you're using asdf2, (asdf:load-system :laturk-unique) )?
> I'm not sure it it's failing to find ANY of your files or only
> collate.lisp --- is collate.lisp the first one it tries to open?
> Also, when you get this error, collect a backtrace from the debugger and
> pass it on, please.
Yup. Also, tell us in what directories things are, and whether you made
any changes to ASDF default settings.

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