[asdf-devel] GIT branching [was Re: [Bug 587889] Re: bad fasls can poison future build]

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Thu Jun 17 00:16:14 UTC 2010

On 6/16/10 Jun 16 -11:13 AM, Faré wrote:
> Robert: any thoughts re: branching?
I am so far from being a git expert, that I will not venture any

A while ago I read the following article which proposes a branching
policy for use with git.  It seemed, to my limited understanding,
reasonable.  Perhaps we could adopt some variant of this policy?


He seems to have many more branches than I would have thought necessary.
 I don't know that we need a "released," "stable devel," and "bleeding
edge" as he does.

Perhaps some sort of variant where we have a

maint branch --- 2.0 with patches for bug fixes

devel branch --- moving towards 2.1


I'm inclined to think that we could further minimize/simplify by having
the devel branch be master.

We could also have topic branches, like the one I built in order to do
the first TRAVERSE mods for module dependencies.

Does that sound reasonable?

Feel free to say "no," since I'm making this up as I go along based on
half-remembered blog posts.


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