[asdf-devel] ASDF:LOAD-SYSTEM always recompiles some files

Benjamin Benninghofen Benjamin.Benninghofen at eads.com
Tue Jul 13 07:25:40 UTC 2010

Robert Goldman wrote:

>I believe that your problem may come from introducing the intermediate
>:modules.  You may find that collecting the results of
>(asdf::traverse (make-instance 'asdf:load-op) (find-system :foo))
>Try rewriting your defsystem more along these lines:
>                ((:FILE "foo"))
>                 (:FILE "bar" :depends-on ("foo")))
However the intermediate :modules are correct and in any case when
the compiler is invoked when no source changed is a bug of ASDF ?

>I will try to investigate this further (esp if you post a ticket to
>launchpad), but can't get to it for a while, so suggest you work around
>by revising the defsystem.
>BTW, why is your system definition not in foo.asd?
In my last mail you also see a commented out SCT:DEFSYSTEM form. That 
form can be used in Genera and SCT:DEFSYSTEM furthermore is a macro 
developed by
myself to be used in other Lisp systems (Allegro, CLISP). The 
indeed is the macro expansion of the SCT:DEFSYSTEM form.

In order to have a straightforward implementation of the SCT:DEFSYSTEM 
macro, the
structure of modules and files from the SCT:DEFSYSTEM is preserved. This 
where the intermediate modules come from.

All my Lisp programs were written under OpenGenera and there it is 
customary to
have the system definition in a file "sysdcl.lisp". I just want to copy 
the Lisp
source files from the Symbolics to another computer and execute 
in the other Lisp in order to Load (and Compile if needed) the software 

Benjamin Benninghofen

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