[asdf-devel] ASDF:LOAD-SYSTEM always recompiles some files

Benjamin Benninghofen Benjamin.Benninghofen at eads.com
Mon Jul 12 12:47:26 UTC 2010

Look at the following Symbolics System Definition:

;;;(sct:defsystem :foo
;;;    (:default-pathname "scratch/"
;;;     :default-module-type :lisp)
;;;  (:module foo ("FOO"))
;;;  (:module bar ("BAR")
;;;       (:in-order-to (:compile :load) (:load foo)))
;;;  )

I translated this to ASDF as follows:

                ((:MODULE FOO :PATHNAME "" :COMPONENTS ((:FILE "foo")))
                 (:MODULE BAR :PATHNAME "" :COMPONENTS ((:FILE "bar")) 

This is not exactly equivalent, because the semantics of :IN-ORDER-TO is 
in Symbolics SCT and ASDF.

However I get a very strange behavior of the ASDF System.

I write the ASDF:DEFSYSTEM form in a file "scratch/sysdcl.lisp"
I compiled the system and then restarted Lisp in order to
load the system:

CL-USER(2): (load "scratch/sysdcl")
; Loading /home/usr/benni/lisp/scratch/sysdcl.lisp
CL-USER(3): (asdf:find-system :foo)
#<ASDF:SYSTEM "foo">
CL-USER(4): (asdf:load-system :foo)
; Fast loading /home/usr/benni/lisp/scratch/foo.fasl
;;; Compiling file /home/usr/benni/lisp/scratch/bar.lisp
;;; Writing fasl file /home/usr/benni/lisp/scratch/ASDF-TMP-bar.fasl
;;; Fasl write complete
; Fast loading /home/usr/benni/lisp/scratch/bar.fasl
#<ASDF:LOAD-OP NIL @ #x7292bc42>

As you see it recompiles one of the files.
This happens after each restart of Lisp (Allegro CL 8.1).
ASDF:LOAD-SYSTEM each time recompiles "bar.lisp" even if
no file is changed.

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