[asdf-devel] Should ASDF define many packages?

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 19:04:29 UTC 2010

sds filed an interesting bug:

The question is whether we should avoid creating extra packages, and
instead export all relevant functions from ASDF, or should we keep
those separate packages ASDF-BOOTSTRAP and ASDF-UTILITIES.

Does anyone of you use functions from ASDF-UTILITIES? Does any of you
Should I just export the same functions from ASDF instead?
Would you see a problem with ASDF-UTILITIES either disappearing or
becoming an alias for ASDF?

PS: we're at ASDF 2.005 (=2.120), and considering the sudden surge of
bugs that led to 2.121, there will be a 2.006 soon. Sigh.

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