[asdf-devel] ASDF minimality

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Fri Nov 27 17:05:53 UTC 2009

Faré wrote:
> * try to keep asdf.lisp itself small and recommend that unnecesary
> features should be put in contribs instead.

Do we have a protocol for loading ASDF that ensures that by virtue of
loading it "authorized" contribs (i.e., contribs distributed with ASDF)
will also be loadable.

One of the reasons I liked having asdf-binary-locations folded in is
that it has been a pain to get all my colleagues to have this critical

I'm happy to see asdf be kept slim, but not at the expense of having
people need to pull a large number of different repositories or tarballs
to get a full environment running.

Similarly, I would prefer to have ASDF not fall into the SLIME trap.
SLIME configuration seems to involve mastering an ever-changing number
of contribs to get the features you really want....

[Hm.  Now that I've typed all this, I wonder if I'm actually saying "I'd
rather not work too hard to keep asdf itself small."]


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