[asdf-devel] ASDF:OOS LOAD-OP :FORCE T and SBCL contribs

Richard M Kreuter kreuter at progn.net
Tue May 12 13:23:24 UTC 2009

Gary King writes:
> >> Perhaps a better solution would be to export OPERATION-FORCED and
> >> TRAVERSE, so that this could be deal with where-ever is needed --
> >> especially in local initialization files for systems installed in
> >> read-only locations. The SBCL solution would look about the same --  
> >> it just would not reside inside asdf.lisp.
> >>
> >
> > This seems like a reasonable solution.
> I agree. There are probably two items here:
> 1. Allowing a system definer to say "don't descend into this sub- 
> system" even when :force is t.

This sounds fishy to me.  AFAIU, system definers aren't supposed to be
able to make decisions about installation, at least in part because the
author of a system can't really know what the user's installation
requirements are.  (Cf. the rationale for telling users to customize
fasl location with a method on OUTPUT-FILES.)


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