[asdf-devel] announce: asdf 1.351

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Tue Jun 9 15:30:18 UTC 2009

Gary King wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>> Suggestion: change to load-system, compile-system, etc. instead of
>> system-FOO.  The version with system- first is going to be a nuisance for
>> people who use this a lot from the REPL w/ completion b/c it puts the
>> common stuff first, instead of the distinctive.
> That's a good point; OTOH, I like the conceptual grouping of
> `system-foo`. Doesn't your completion let you type, e.g., #\s #\- #\c
> [complete] to get the symbol? After all, sense `compile` and `load` are
> already CL symbols, you'd need to type #\l #\o #\a #\d #\- [complete] or
> #\l #\- #\s [complete] in any case.

This seems to work really poorly on ELI, at least. :-( [you get
completions, but way too many to be useful, and there's no good way
aside from the mouse of choosing between them]

That's why I use my :als (asdf-load-system), :acs, :ats, on allegro...

My preference is for the operation first, anyway, because compile-system
seems like compile-file, but system-compile...

Not huge for me; I don't expect I'll ever use these myself.  I just want
to see one source of ASDF-whining go away.



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