[asdf-devel] bug in new ASDF

Richard M Kreuter kreuter at progn.net
Mon Jul 13 17:57:01 UTC 2009

Gary King writes:

> > OK, I /have/ misdiagnosed this.  The logic seems actually busted in
> > directory-pathname-p.  The problem is that, at least on allegro, you
> > can get a valid directory pathname whose name component is neither
> > NIL, nor :unspecific, but "" (the empty string).
> Ugh,
> > (member (pathname-name pathname) (list nil "" :unspecific) :test  
> > 'equal)
> A source of the problem are pathnames that arise from things like this:
>      > (make-pathname :name "" :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
>     #p"/tmp/"
>      > (pathname-name *)
>      ""
> Added a call to namestring seems to be another way to canonical things  
> so I think this will also work and feels (to me) a bit more portable:
> (defun directory-pathname-p (pathname)
>    (let ((pathname (namestring pathname)))
>      (and (member (pathname-name pathname) (list nil :unspecific))
> 	 (member (pathname-type pathname) (list nil :unspecific)))))

I see two problems:

(1) If the the host component of *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS* is
    different than the host component of PATHNAME, the parse might fail
    or come out wrong.

(2) Pathnames with "" for the name component don't have namestrings
    under SBCL.  (IIUC, the intent there is to try to have namestring
    parsing and unparsing be non-lossy.)

I think it might do just as well to say that "" for the name counts the
same as NIL or :UNSPECIFIC for DIRECTORY-PATHNAME-P, unless somebody
knows of implementations that don't work that way.


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