[asdf-devel] Recognizing directories in a component name

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 15:38:52 UTC 2009

Oh yes - this should hopefully also fix the problem with
(:static-file "foo.bar")
previously expanding to a (make-pathname :name "foo.bar" :type nil)
Now it would expand to
  (pathname "foo.bar")

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2009/8/28 Faré <fahree at gmail.com>:
> For years now, we at ITA have been satisfied with a patch that does
> the following while building QRes: allow to specify module names that
> include a directory component, without having to redundantly as in
>  (:module "subdir1/subdir2"
>  :components ((:file "subdir3/name3") (:file "subdir4/name4.subname4")))
> instead of the cumbersome (to be portable):
>  (:module "subdir1/subdir2" :pathname #.(make-pathname :directory
> '(:relative "subdir" "subdir2"))
>  :components ((:file "subdir3/name3" :pathname #.(make-pathname
> :directory '(:relative "subdir3" :name "name3")))
>  (:file "subdir4/name4.subname4" :pathname #.(make-pathname
> :directory '(:relative "subdir4" :name "name4.subname4"))))))
> Since there is active ASDF development again, I cleaned it up and here it is.
> The methods should replace those currently in ASDF. The helper
> function now uses the existing ASDF split function (as previously
> requested by Xof).
> The patch is both backwards compatible and portable, in that
> * the "/" character was previously forbidden in names of portable
> components without a :pathname statement, least it breaks miserably on
> most platforms.
> * the "/" character is now recognized by ASDF itself as a separator
> for directories later made with make-pathname, thus doing what is
> expected even on the odd platform without "/" as the pathname
> separator.
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