[asdf-devel] About regression tests and libraries

james anderson james.anderson at setf.de
Wed Aug 5 19:28:31 UTC 2009

On 2009-08-05, at 21:22 , Gary King wrote:

> ...
>> Some time ago, I proposed that ASDF provide a stream argument to the
>> test-op, providing a place into which the testing tool could dump its
>> test report for human inspection.  I can't say that this suggestion
>> received universal approbation.  Or disapprobation.  It merely
>> received
>> near-universal lack of interest! ;-)
> Sigh. I think this is a good idea; if we added a test-stream slot to
> the test-op, then test systems could find it there.
> A tricky part is that test systems may not want to rely on the
> existence of ASDF while running. So they'll need some sort of adaptor
> that adds stuff to the ASDF operation if it exists. Would it make
> sense to define and export *current-operation* to make this easier?
>> Related to the question of what the test-op should provide to its
>> invoker is the question of how dependencies should be propagated.
> I think that the default is that test-op depends on load-op.
> other thoughts?

mix stream delegation into the operation based on the slot value.

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